Baby Harri needs a Hero

Weeks before Christmas, 6-month-old Harri was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. His family and doctors are now desperately searching for a matching blood stem cell donor. You might just be the match he needs. 

Harri's diagnosis

Harri’s family, including his 6-year-old brother, have struggled to come to terms with the diagnosis but are doing everything in their power to find his potential lifesaver and give him the best possible chance to survive.

“It all happened so fast and it’s so difficult to comprehend. He’s just a happy and innocent little baby. It just seems so cruel but we’re doing everything we can to ensure he wins this battle,” said Harri’s grandmother, Anne. 

“We just need options. We need more people to join the stem cell registry and share our story. Registering takes five minutes out of your life, but if you’re found to be a potential match, the donation could lead to giving our baby a whole new life,” added Harri’s mum Bethan. 

Harri's treatment

Little Harri is currently undergoing three months of intensive chemotherapy in preparation for the potential blood stem cell transplant, which will replace his unhealthy blood cells with stem cells donated from someone genetically similar. 

Could you be Harri's Hero? 

Could you be the genetic match for Harri or someone else in desperate need of a blood stem cell donation? Request your donor registration kit today and please share Harri’s story. 

If you’ve requested swab kits but haven’t returned them, please pop them in the post right away so we can register you as potential donors.

Together we can give Harri, and others, the second chance that they need. 

You can keep up with Harri’s story by following @SaveHarriStickler