Antonio has been diagnosed with myeloma

Antonio, from Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire, is a husband, who loves to spend time with his family and friends. He enjoys sightseeing, sunbathing and picnics. Each year, he holds a Eurovision party and is a mastermind in the song contest. Antonio is also a chef and adores his mother's Italian cooking. 

Antonio's Myeloma Diagnosis

Unfortunately, Antonio was diagnosed with myeloma in January 2017. Although currently in remission after his autologous stem cell transplant (using his own blood stem cells), doctors expect that he will relapse by the end of this year. Doctors have advised that Antonio's best chance of survival is to find a blood stem cell donor.

Antonio had been suffering from severe back pain for a few months, which was initially attributed to a fall whilst retrieving suitcases from the attic for a holiday. After a painful Christmas, Antonio visited his GP again because he was getting extremely tired and thirsty. Shortly after he was rushed to A&E. Following two blood transfusions, Antonio and his wife were told the doctors were looking for blood cancer. The diagnosis of myeloma led Monika, Antonio’s wife, to learn everything she could about the disease. One of the hardest things for Antonio is not being able to go back to work because of the fatigue and continued back pain.

Monika, said:

“When we lost our baby (miscarriage after 2 IVFs) I used to say to Tony that at least we have each other and our love.

The blood cancer diagnosis has threatened to take it away.”

"He is very artistic and his talents range from flower arrangements to interior designing, and he even decorated our wedding venue. He has a great sense of humor and can disarm anyone with his smile".

“He's not only my baby but a true hero.”

Monika and Antonio are currently working on strengthening his back muscles to ease his back pain.

How you can help

We are urging anyone aged 17-55 years old and in good health to register as a blood stem cell donor to give Antonio, or someone like him, a chance to continue hosting Eurovision parties and enjoying his mother's cooking. 

You can get involved with Antonio's campaign on social media by following #Match4Antonio