The £2K Club

An annual club of life saving businesses.

Every year, there are around 2,000 blood cancer patients in the UK who require a potentially lifesaving blood stem cell donation. Sadly, many of these people are unable to find the matching donor that they need.

Despite being treatable and potentially curable, blood cancer today remains one of the leading causes of cancer deaths in the UK. This is why DKMS has created the ‘£2K Club’ – a club of corporate supporters whose contribution will go towards helping blood cancer patients find their matching stem cell donor - just like Elsie did.

We urge you to join our club by donating £2k per year to help us raise awareness of blood cancer and stem cell donation and to help fund our lifesaving work.

To get in touch, call 020 8747 5654 or:

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The £2K Club members

The benefits of joining the £2K Club include:

• Acknowledgement and recognition via our social media during the month of September for Blood Cancer Awareness Month. Following this, there will be several additional social media shout outs throughout the year.

• The opportunity to hold a company donor recruitment event at your workplace to register new potential lifesavers from your pool of employees (up to 25 people).

• Confidence that your company continues to be acknowledged as a socially responsible business by making a positive contribution to all communities throughout the UK.

Current members